Can A Motorcycle Last Forever? 3 Reasons Harley-Davidsons Are (Almost) Immortal

Low cost is undoubtedly one of the bigger reasons motorcycles are so popular, but what if you could stretch the low cost of a motorcycle out over a lifetime? Some bikes have gotten as high as a million miles before being retired, but is it really possible for a Harley-Davidson to reliably last so long? Here are a few reasons they just might.  Frequent, Small Repairs Can Stave Off Big Ones [Read More]

Turning Buying Your Teenager's First Car Into A Learning Experience

So your teenager has finally gotten that driver's license and is ready to hit the open road. It's time to buy a car! There's a lot to consider when purchasing a vehicle for your young driver. Buying a car represents a unique opportunity to teach your teenager a lesson in responsibility, smart priorities and vehicular safety. These tips will help you turn the experience of purchasing your child's first car into a valuable learning experience. [Read More]

3 Features To Look For In A Bugout Vehicle

Bugout vehicles are a vital part of many disaster plans and preparations. These vehicles are designed to get you, your family, and friends safely out of a disaster zone and to a prepared bugout location. When looking for a bugout vehicle, you should look for a vehicle that is off-road capable, has a lot of storage capacity, and has decent fuel economy. Off-Road Capable One of the biggest features that you need to keep an eye out for when shopping for a vehicle to help you weather a disaster is something that can handle going off paved roads if necessary. [Read More]